Drone Safe Register - Professional Membership

If you have questions about our Professional Membership plan, take a look through our FAQs

Drone Safe Register represent the very best, safest and professional drone operators for hire throughout Canada.

Being a member of the Drone Safe Register not only allows access to the range of key benefits below, but also you will belong to the most progressive, innovative and comprehensive Drone Community in Canada. We are the only progressive website directory programme that actively works daily and weekly to bring those looking to hire drone pilots in contact with our members.

DSR Professional Membership - $100 CAD

  • Only $100 CAD to renew each year

  • Hosting your business information, website link and showreels on a popular drone directory.

  • White labelled job opportunities throughout Canada

  • Highly professional network of expertise, closed social media support

  • Generous DSR partner discounts coming soon

  • Free uploads to the Member’s Video and Photo Stock Library, where you receive a commission of 50% of all sales, whether you remain a member or not

  • Free to use marketplace for the sale of drone equipment and accessories

  • Online flight logging printable risk assessment forms

  • Access to Operations Manual updates and information


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